Monday, December 12, 2011

Omission and Anger-ism

Well, hey there!

So as I was sipping on my coffee this morning before school, I was thinking about 3 things: 1.) What story can I put into my blog? 2.) How do I get more subscribers? 3.) I really need more coffee.

So I made a little brainstorm sheet on the bus (which eventually turned into a whole bunch of doodles... my attention span isn't all that great...), and came up with and answer to each of the questions above: 1.) Maybe my blog doesn't need a story! I've read about bloggers and authors who have no plan whatsoever when they first dive in, but they eventually find that a story evolves itself- no human imagination needed! 2.) I thought about posting the link on my Facebook, but the last thing I need is for my first viewers to be critical teenagers. And then I realized that I'm only 15, so my blog is most likely private anyways. 3.) I bought a cup of coffee during my lunch break.

Instead of droning on even more about what I think about during the day, let's just skip ahead to what happened during my Graphics class, shall we? I'd like to give you a mental image to think about: imagine a group of about 3-4 ladybugs all on ONE branch of a tree. And they're all chillin' and having a good ole time, until a group of two ladybugs comes and visits the branch. The original group immediately goes into defense mode and starts hiding their stash of collected aphids and other various food items, and refuses to even interact with the two new-comers. The two juvenile ladybugs wander around awkwardly for a while, not sure what to do, until finally they get bored and leave.

Now imagine this scenario, put into a classroom scene. Granted, I LOVE my graphics class. Love it. Absolutely am obsessed with it. We design t-shirts, we create license plates, and my favorite- professional photography. This is the only class where my creativity can flow free and long, like the wind on a beach. I mean, I'm in band, too, but that's besides the point. The point is that I'm sick and tired of people (teenagers) thinking that they own something that isn't theirs (like a class, per se.)

Ah well, I guess I just need to learn to not be so phased by all that happens around me. I'm going to teach myself to be more introverted.

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