Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mating, Dating, and Masking


So I'm not sure why, but I like holding with this whole "graphics" theme I have going here. But before I dive into this next story I have, let me explain to you a little about my graphics class, because I feel like it is essential to you understanding my story.

So my graphics class is an extension of my last year's Visual Communications class, which means I could only get into this class if I passed THAT class, which I thankfully did. In these said classes, we learn the basics of using programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, and Soundbooth. It's awesome because we're not gluing our eyes to the computer screen for forty minutes. The graphics room is so huge, with so many areas and many things to do, it's just awesome. Our teacher makes it all worth it as well. He's one of those guys that actually has a personality and bonds with his students. He loads with with a whole bunch of awesome projects to keep us busy and to keep our minds and hands at work.

Am I boring you yet? Good. I'll keep going. Some of the projects include printing t-shirts, making vinyls (which are pretty much fancy license plates), working with professional cameras, editing pictures, and my favorite: learning new skills and making new friends. Now I know that sounds cheesy with the whole "making new friends" thing, but I have a serious, inspirational story that I hope you guys will take the time to read, for I feel that it will change your life forever (that was REALLY cheesy.)

So normally, I'm a REALLY guarded person, but I've found lately that it is WAY too hard to live like that. Once I learn to let my guard down and talk freely, I just have so much more fun. Example? There's this guy in my graphics class (he's cute), and we didn't really talk much until today. I was innocently masking my project in a corner with my headphones in (masking is pretty much covering any unwanted area with tape), when I feel a little tap on my shoulder. It was him. He says, "Hey, are you printing tomorrow?" And by printing, he means, "Are you making your shirts tomorrow?"

I nod my head and motion with my finger the taped project on the table in front of me. He says, "Would you want to make me a shirt?" And at this point, Reader, I was so flustered with having boy contact that I almost considered jumping out of a window or something.

"Yep!" I reply instead.
"Cool, what colors are you using?"
"I think grey and blue, because people are giving me all different color t-shirts and I had to find some common ground somewhere."
I was sure that I was talking nonsense, but he smiles with recognition and replies, "So is a white shirt okay?"
I nod again and continue masking. Thankfully, another student walked over and started up a conversation with him, so I was no longer responsible for entertaining him. I finished up my project and put it on a pile, but when I came back, the other student was gone, and the boy was watching me work. I smile and say, "I'm printing six shirts already, do you think he'll give me bonus points?" *By he, I mean my teacher, but I don't want to go to jail for privacy issues*

He laughs this really hearty laugh that immediately made me smile, and we lapsed into this REALLY comfortable silence. The bell rang, and what happened next really surprised me, Reader. He walked me to my next class.We talked the entire way there, and talk we did. We probably covered every topic imaginable, and he seemed to linger by my side before I thanked him and walked into the classroom. Unfortunately, that certain class was Chemistry, which requires a lot of concentration. And do you think I was able to concentrate during that class? Nope.

Now, Reader, if you are a girl, you'll understand why my heart is still fluttering almost eight hours later. But if you are a boy reading this, please take note that this is how you will get every girl to swoon over you.

So, I hope this helped to lift your spirits. And in terms of ladybugs, I would make a mating reference, but I don't want it to go that far yet...

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