Friday, December 30, 2011

Tumbling, Tumbles, and Tumblr


So, in passing through another phase of my life, I gave up on blogging for a while and got a tumblr!

Pretty, ain't it? LolJK, you don't need to lie to yourself- I know it needs work. I just need to put forth that effort. Which is highly humorous to me.

And that's kind of all I have to say for right now, other than that I REALLY like tumbling. A lot. Go check it out!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Conscious Decisions and Disney Movies

Hey there!

So I think that I've come to a conscious decision today that I want to turn this into a book blog! I got the idea from "Another Book Blog" -go look it up! I only have a few issues with this:

  • The title of my blog isn't really book related... could that be a problem? I could change it... but I don't want people to be confused.
And, well... that's really my only problem! For the few of you reading this right now, post some comments as to how (or if) I should go about doing this!

In other news, I'm on Christmas break! It's that wonderful feeling where you can read your heart out, eat your heart out, and not worry about the consequences of the laziness. Why? Because for the first time in a long time, my honors schedule hasn't given me homework over break! I'm going shopping tomorrow, only to come home and mess around with my harmonica and trudge through my bookshelf. Wednesday, I'm helping my church make banana bread for the needy people around my community. Thursday and Friday, I'm having a few people over for various reasons (mostly to catch up on classic Disney movies. Yes, this is what my friends and I do in our free time.) 

And then there's New Years! I'm not quite sure what I'm doing for it yet, though I've been invited to a friend's house to celebrate. The only problem with that is that my mother wants me to host it at my house. I'm so confused- with so many options to take!

Secondhand Serenade always makes me feel better.

Until next time,
Alex Tee!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas and Other Assorted News

Hello to all and Merry Christmas Eve!

Oh what a wonderful time of year this is! Family, friends, snow (actually, there's no snow where I live...), good food, and of course the presents! But is that really all we can say about Christmas? Of course not! We have the story of Jesus Christ! But I'm not going to tell you it on here... I have a dare for you! Pick up the nearest Bible, and flip to the New Testament. There you will find all you will need to know about Christmas and who it's actually about! Tell me in the comments below what you find! (All 74 of you regular viewers...)

In other news, I went to a party last night! (Just in case you cared or anything..) This was the first party in a while that actually had guys there; three to be exact. One was already taken, one was supposedly gay, so that left me the option to flirt with only one of them. And flirt I did.

But after the first hour or so, I came to the realization that he was DEFINATELY flirting back. Now the only problem was that his ex was also at that party. I really don't like starting drama, so I backed off. I think he noticed and also came to that realization, for he also backed off.

Hmm. Guys.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sphinx's Queen

Hello again!

I haven't been on here in a while... I guess that the initial excitement of blogging wears off after the first week or so. But I'm back, and with some very exciting news!

I have viewers in Russia now!

But that's not my most exciting news...

I recently read a book called "Sphinx's Queen" by Esther M. Friesner. What a name, right? Well it's an awesome book, and the most awesome thing is that you really don't need to read them in order! Sure, it will help, but I didn't even know that there were books before this, yet I was still able to follow along easily!

And, the best part is... *drumroll* I got it for free! How, you ask? This site, right here:

I got it as part of this program called "Ambuzzadors." I won't tell you any more, because I want you guys to see it for yourself!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Things I Hate

I didn't make a post yesterday, so I guess I'll be taking Saturdays off? Awesome, haha. Anyways, I thought that every Sunday would be a "collaboration" post, where I make a list of things I learned the past week. This week? I found that I hate A LOT of things.

  • 1. People who don't know how to close the door. If the door is closed when you walk in, that's probably a good indicator that it should be closed when you leave. Or is that just too much work for you?
  • 2. Buying the wrong shade of make-up. Awesome! I got new make-up! *puts on* Crap... I look like a ghost.
  • 3. Embarrassing myself in public. *falls down stairs*
  • 4. Overplayed music. There's a certain magic to hearing a really pretty song for the first time. That magic tends to be lost after the hundredth time.
  • 5. Change. If you have a Facebook, you know what I'm talking about. If not, I'm jealous of your soul.
  • 6. Liars. I admit, it's so easy to lie sometimes. But after you tell me that your dad was once the president, you were diagnosed with this really rare cancer but still lived, that your mom works for Britney Spears, and that your uncle built the ships for Pirates of the Carribean, THAT'S when I stop trusting you. And yes, I've heard ALL of those before. And from the same person.
  • 7. Pathological liars. Even worse than regular liars.
  • 8. Annoying commercials and TV shows. See, the whole point of television is to entertain your viewers- not make them want to rip their eardrums out. For instance, little kid shows. They won't teach you ANYTHING, and they will NOT remember it for the rest of their lives. I do admit that I like some Disney shows, but most of them are annoying. Very annoying.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Barenaked Ladies and Popularity Tips

Well, guys... I hope you're in the mood for a bit of a depressing story.

The whole "boy from my graphics class" thing didn't work out- he forgot his shirt so I couldn't print it for him. And then we didn't talk much for the rest of the class. To add on top of that, I took a Chemistry test today. And not just any chem test, okay? I take a college course, but I'm only a sophomore in high school. Therefore, I pretty much failed the test, as did everyone in the class with me. You see, our teacher... she's not the best.

On a lighter note, it's Friday! I have the entire afternoon to wallow in self-misery. I wish I had a hobby.

It's not a virus, I swear! It's just a song that pretty much describes my entire life story. And plus, it's a really good band.

Anyways, in my blog-creeping escapades today, I read a story that listed some tips for getting more viewers. So I'm going to share them with you guys! (Which is ironic, seeing as I have ONE regular viewer.)

1.) I've found that if you don't intend on getting viewers, you get more. Just be yourself and don't fall into the "popularity" rut. You'll have so much more fun if you do what YOU want!

2.) This is a place to express feelings, promote ideas, and find people with the same motives. It could take you anywhere from a day to a year to start getting followers. Just be patient and act as if you already have a hundred followers!

Which is pretty much what I'm already doing. So, in conclusion, I hope you guys understand the title by now. "Barenaked Ladies" is the band name, so I really hope you guys don't think I'm some creepy pedophile or something. Which reminds me! I had a history lesson on Rasputin today- that's one creepy pedophile. If you don't know much about him, go to Google right now!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mating, Dating, and Masking


So I'm not sure why, but I like holding with this whole "graphics" theme I have going here. But before I dive into this next story I have, let me explain to you a little about my graphics class, because I feel like it is essential to you understanding my story.

So my graphics class is an extension of my last year's Visual Communications class, which means I could only get into this class if I passed THAT class, which I thankfully did. In these said classes, we learn the basics of using programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, and Soundbooth. It's awesome because we're not gluing our eyes to the computer screen for forty minutes. The graphics room is so huge, with so many areas and many things to do, it's just awesome. Our teacher makes it all worth it as well. He's one of those guys that actually has a personality and bonds with his students. He loads with with a whole bunch of awesome projects to keep us busy and to keep our minds and hands at work.

Am I boring you yet? Good. I'll keep going. Some of the projects include printing t-shirts, making vinyls (which are pretty much fancy license plates), working with professional cameras, editing pictures, and my favorite: learning new skills and making new friends. Now I know that sounds cheesy with the whole "making new friends" thing, but I have a serious, inspirational story that I hope you guys will take the time to read, for I feel that it will change your life forever (that was REALLY cheesy.)

So normally, I'm a REALLY guarded person, but I've found lately that it is WAY too hard to live like that. Once I learn to let my guard down and talk freely, I just have so much more fun. Example? There's this guy in my graphics class (he's cute), and we didn't really talk much until today. I was innocently masking my project in a corner with my headphones in (masking is pretty much covering any unwanted area with tape), when I feel a little tap on my shoulder. It was him. He says, "Hey, are you printing tomorrow?" And by printing, he means, "Are you making your shirts tomorrow?"

I nod my head and motion with my finger the taped project on the table in front of me. He says, "Would you want to make me a shirt?" And at this point, Reader, I was so flustered with having boy contact that I almost considered jumping out of a window or something.

"Yep!" I reply instead.
"Cool, what colors are you using?"
"I think grey and blue, because people are giving me all different color t-shirts and I had to find some common ground somewhere."
I was sure that I was talking nonsense, but he smiles with recognition and replies, "So is a white shirt okay?"
I nod again and continue masking. Thankfully, another student walked over and started up a conversation with him, so I was no longer responsible for entertaining him. I finished up my project and put it on a pile, but when I came back, the other student was gone, and the boy was watching me work. I smile and say, "I'm printing six shirts already, do you think he'll give me bonus points?" *By he, I mean my teacher, but I don't want to go to jail for privacy issues*

He laughs this really hearty laugh that immediately made me smile, and we lapsed into this REALLY comfortable silence. The bell rang, and what happened next really surprised me, Reader. He walked me to my next class.We talked the entire way there, and talk we did. We probably covered every topic imaginable, and he seemed to linger by my side before I thanked him and walked into the classroom. Unfortunately, that certain class was Chemistry, which requires a lot of concentration. And do you think I was able to concentrate during that class? Nope.

Now, Reader, if you are a girl, you'll understand why my heart is still fluttering almost eight hours later. But if you are a boy reading this, please take note that this is how you will get every girl to swoon over you.

So, I hope this helped to lift your spirits. And in terms of ladybugs, I would make a mating reference, but I don't want it to go that far yet...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Short Post That Eventually Turned into my Life Story...

Hey guys!

So I'm super excited to say that someone viewed my blog in Alaska. And for those of you who don't know already, I love Alaska and everything about it! Sarah Palin, caribou, penguins (are there even penguins in Alaska?), and all of the snow! Okay, before you yell at me for being the only person on this Earth that loves snow, let me explain my reasoning: Think about it. What other chemicals on Earth do you know of (that aren't deadly) that can move between three different stages? Gas, liquid, solid! It's mind-blowing! And this is also my reasoning behind my obsession with summer (beaches and the ocean in general) as well as outer space. Though I'm not quite sure outer space even has water...

I should probably start paying attention more in school. Which reminds me! For the four of you who are actually viewing me (not following me), do you remember when I told you about my whole Graphics class situation? I resolved it! How, you ask? I simply busy myself with so much work, that I won't be ABLE to talk to anyone, therefor eliminating any possibility to embarrass myself. The thing is... what do I do once all of my work is done? Hmm. Introversion. Such a hard topic.

And so the content little ladybug goes off in search of an aphid (cream chesse) and to return to this post again later.
So a whole bunch of people at my school are getting these things called "tumblrs." So what do I do? I go and make myself a tumblr. Now what I normally do is get one without telling anybody, wait awhile as I get used to the site, and THEN start telling people I have one. But the only problem now is that I've had one for over a month now, and I just can't get used to it! Like how does it work, what's the point of it, and how do I get people to follow me? This whole situation reminds me of starting out here on BlogSpot. And I still have 0 followers, with 4 viewers in Alaska.

I have and idea, though, on how to get followers on this bloody site. I'll just keep pressing the "next blog" button, subscribe to the ones that I like, and then pray that they look through their lists of followers and notice that I'm there. And maybe they'll creep really hard, visit my blog, and subscribe to it. And then maybe other people will notice I'm one of their subscribers, so I'll get even more!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My bookshelf about a month ago, but oh has it changed since then!

Hornets, bees, wasps, and... butterflies?

Hola to the blogging community!

Before I start into my semi-inspirational story of the day, I'd just like to share with you that I'm becoming less technologically advanced as I get older. You guys know that little label thing down there, right? Well since it didn't specify whether or not I should use commas to separate, I assumed I didn't have to. I went and previewed my blog today and the whole labels section was highlighted with something along the lines of "introvert graphics ladybug." I wonder what result that would come up with?

Anyways, I'd love to continue with the whole "introversion" theme I have going here. But tell me first: am I the only one who loves writing angry, sad, or happy letters to people... and then never sending them? I do it ALL the time. Well, the only flaw I have with doing that is that I don't dispose of my letters right. For instance, I wrote a pretty angry one about a week ago to my dearest mother, and of course I threw it away, only to have her find it in the trash. Now she's mad at me all over again, when I only just got over my anger. I actually thought we were on pretty good terms this morning!

I think I've learned my lesson with doing things like that. Which is why I asked for a paper shredder for Christmas.

I'm not quite sure how to relate this one to ladybugs, though I'm sure that if I was in a better mood I'd be able to do it fluently. Maybe using hornets, bees, and wasps would be better. As well as a butterfly. When people have such different personalities, it's so hard to find common ground. Which is why I'm practicing being an introvert.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Omission and Anger-ism

Well, hey there!

So as I was sipping on my coffee this morning before school, I was thinking about 3 things: 1.) What story can I put into my blog? 2.) How do I get more subscribers? 3.) I really need more coffee.

So I made a little brainstorm sheet on the bus (which eventually turned into a whole bunch of doodles... my attention span isn't all that great...), and came up with and answer to each of the questions above: 1.) Maybe my blog doesn't need a story! I've read about bloggers and authors who have no plan whatsoever when they first dive in, but they eventually find that a story evolves itself- no human imagination needed! 2.) I thought about posting the link on my Facebook, but the last thing I need is for my first viewers to be critical teenagers. And then I realized that I'm only 15, so my blog is most likely private anyways. 3.) I bought a cup of coffee during my lunch break.

Instead of droning on even more about what I think about during the day, let's just skip ahead to what happened during my Graphics class, shall we? I'd like to give you a mental image to think about: imagine a group of about 3-4 ladybugs all on ONE branch of a tree. And they're all chillin' and having a good ole time, until a group of two ladybugs comes and visits the branch. The original group immediately goes into defense mode and starts hiding their stash of collected aphids and other various food items, and refuses to even interact with the two new-comers. The two juvenile ladybugs wander around awkwardly for a while, not sure what to do, until finally they get bored and leave.

Now imagine this scenario, put into a classroom scene. Granted, I LOVE my graphics class. Love it. Absolutely am obsessed with it. We design t-shirts, we create license plates, and my favorite- professional photography. This is the only class where my creativity can flow free and long, like the wind on a beach. I mean, I'm in band, too, but that's besides the point. The point is that I'm sick and tired of people (teenagers) thinking that they own something that isn't theirs (like a class, per se.)

Ah well, I guess I just need to learn to not be so phased by all that happens around me. I'm going to teach myself to be more introverted.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Well, hello there! So, I've decided to drag myself into this whole "blogging" thing. Sure, I have a Facebook, a Tumblr, and a few e-mail adresses just like the rest of the world. But I've found that not many people blog, so why not try to start a new trend? Eh, who am I kidding- I'm no trendsetter. I'm barely even a trendfollower. But I try- I'm here, aren't I?

Anyways, I'm not quite sure how everything here works, and I admit that it took me a solid half-hour just to change the template. All I do know is that I REALLY want to incorporate a story into this blog... something to keep people wanting to read, ya know? So I walk outside into my little-less-than-scenic backyard (I live in medium-rural Pittsburgh) and sit under a lone tree, my sole source of inspiration when it comes to this stuff. And that's when a little ladybug scurries by, only to be joined by another ladybug. And I know that you're all really expecting some heart-warming story to come out of this ladybug thing right now, but I got nothing. Just a few ladybugs.

But who knows? Maybe by next week I'll have something to make your heart flutter.